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"Capea" means in spanish Mastering it Skillfull. Several years past since 1992 and our heraldic motto is still prevailing.

Our Atlantic Sea Salt is harvested at Spain´s coast. It arose as a German-Spanish project that was initiated in 1992.

The idea was to obtain a natural sea salt without anticaking agents for organic food and feed producers.




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Tradition in harvesting the salt combined with permanent innovation in technology are our key issues, guaranteeing the outstanding quality of our loved sea salt.
CAPEA is 100% atlantic sea salt. Completely natural. Without additives.
CAPEA sea salt is an awesome, full flavor salt with minerals and trace elements to a competive price.

Atlantic sea salt is generally smoother than mediterranean sea salt. It has a different texture and taste.  Of coarse it is also Natriumchloride (NaCl), but all over the world there are Chefs using atlantic sea salt because of its taste and texture.  The minerals and trace elements distinguish the salts, the structure, the humidity and the content of NaCl.   We try to harmonize these elements. To bring it in line.
Some people argue that sea salt is just NaCl, that just 1% -3% are humidity, minerals and trace elements. Our believe is that it makes a big difference if a salt consist of 100 % refined NaCl or if it is natural salt of 97%-99% NaCl.

Capea sea salt is nowadays the first choice of organic food producers and feed producers.  Our salt is also used in the Healtcare Sector by well-known companies, as Bath Salt and for Body Scrubs

Quality by nature and technology 

Since 1992 alisa GmbH has carefully cultivated partnerships with salt producers. Creating the brand CAPEA and realising to be pioneer in introducing new guide lines and quality standards, based on new fresh ideas for all in all natural sea salt.  In order to supply sea salt without anticaking-agents the whole value chain was optimized.  It was a challenge to supply natural sea salt without anticaking agents and  there was no example, nevertheless creating a new standard, but we succeeded.   Wind and sun are still our natural allies in obtaining a totally natural sea salt.  Evaporation is done by the sun.

Our salt is washed with purified sea water directly after harvesting it, dryed and sieved. That´s it !

Afterwards Laser Vision Systems are in charge to seperate very small particles, so called foreign materials, avoiding at the same time to refine the salt by mechinal means again.

Organic Sea Salt / Which Sea Salt could be used for organic products ?

Sea Salt for Organic Products must be obtained only by mechanical, physical, biological, enzymatic or bacterial processes, in accordance with article 21 of regulation 834/2007.
It must be free of additives. Part A of Index VIII of regulation 008/889 died not authorize anti-caring agents ( EU Regulation / Issued 2007 ) .

Capea Atlantic Sea Salt is untreated and free of anti-caging agents since 1992. It meets the requirements of the mentioned regulation.

Furthermore, we offer our clients organic sea salt of mediterranean origin in 25kg bags. Certified Organic by Intereco.



Plastic in salt / NEWS / 01.19

Capea Atlantic Sea Salt / Microplastic - Impact on Human Health


Microplastics derive from the huge amount of plastics all over the world. Microplastics have been found in all kind of food products.  Honey, Sugar, Salt, Mineral Water, Milk and many more. For CAPEA Atlantic Sea Salt there is good news. CAPEA Atlantic sea salt was tested several times by a specialized German laboratory. The microplastics values are very low.

The salines are located on the South of Spain, where the iberic peninsula stretches out into the Atlantic Ocean. The waters are notably unpolluted and regularly controlled.  Our salt basins are embedded in natural reserves and the pollution is therefore reduced.

The Atlantic Ocean of the European Coast is less affected than others.  The intake of microplastics by consuming  our sea salt is very small.
The density of microplastics found in salt varies, those from Asian brands were especially high.  Furthermore, hand harvested salts are obviously more affected, but there is no reason to exaggerate.

We are doing our best to reduce the use of plastic. We started using innovative material for our Capea 25kg bags, reducing 18,5 % of plastic packaging material that way.


Sustainablity & Free Trade

Sustainability is an integral part of our company´s DNA.
Capea Atlatic Sea Salt produces a minimal ecological footprint. Raw sea salt is produced with the sun and wind. Rock salt or vaccum salt requires a lot of energy to produce it.
In terms of CO2 emissions the production of sea salt is the best option. A lot of salt mines are far away and the salt must be transported a lot of miles. On the other way, Capea Sea Salt is shipped to Hamburg and distributed from here or distributed directly to our clients. The distances are shorter and the ecological impact is lower.

When we created the brand CAPEA  the aim was to maintan the balance of industrial production and the Evironment. The question is, if it makes sense to consume a local unhealthily mined salt or to import a healthy salt, even if it produces a bigger ecological footprint.

In the case of sea salt the decision is easier, because of the small ecological footprint of sea salt. Nevertheless, each time the pro and contras must be considered. Sustainabilty shouldn´t reduce the free trade with developing countries.

Developing countries can benefit from the free trade.  Jobs are created in poor or developing regions, by exporting salt or other food. Free trade and Sustainability should go hand in hand. Improving the quality of Life of all citizens over the world.



CAPEA Spring Salt....

Our gourmet salt comes from the Spanish Mediterranean coast. The salt of the Sierra Nevada is unrefined - without chemical additives - without separating agents - without bleaching agents - and without iodine additives. It is the best in the industry and of the highest quality. Favourable weather conditions for the water evaporation and crystallization of this special salt of the Sierra Nevada are given from spring to autumn. Summers are dry and hot, with temperatures up to 40 °C (104 °F).

A mild salt is harvested with a rich aroma of minerals and trace elements. It is dried naturally by the energy of the sun and wind and is free of chemical additives.

Our salt from the Sierra Nevada is ideal for everyday use. It is very rich in organic trace elements developed millions of years ago. The entire salt mining area was part of the Mediterranean Sea.

This salt retains all its original minerals and trace elements and is therefore worthy of its reputation as one of the best salts in the Mediterranean.

alisa GmbH supplies Sierra Nevada Spring Salt in 25 kg bags and consumer goods.




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